Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Part 1

Starting on Friday Isaac's Halloween weekend began.  Today is actually Halloween and yet he's had so much fun already.

Friday was his school party.  Dylan was able to get off work that day and was with him at school.  They trick or treated from classroom to classroom and then got to enjoy many goodies including a big chocolate cupcake.

Here are some pictures from that day.

This picture says to me "Either get me out of this or let's get going"

This is the signature scowl.  He's just a little worried about where his friend got their cupcake from.

Love it!!

On Saturday night we went to my co-worker/friend Judy's house.  Her 6 year old daughter was hosting a Halloween party.  He was by far the youngest but had a super fun time spraying silly string, eating cupcakes, and flirting with the older women (aka 6 year old girls).  By 7 pm he was ready to crash.

Tonight is the real trick or treating.  I'm not sure how long will go but it will be so fun.

The past week's blessings.

Last Sunday was a stressful day financially for us but as the week progressed we had many wonderful blessings that really encouraged me.

I found out I had won a contest on my favorite blog, Couponing to Disney.  I had won the no eating out challenge which included $50 in my PayPal account to eat out anywhere. Kristin at CTD has been a real blessing to me.

I received a employee performance award for my work on the ACC RR Campus.  It was a gift card to a restaurant.  This will be so great that Dylan and I can have a even better date night because it won't be our money. :)

I also received an expense check.  I was totally expecting it but it lighten our burden and made purchasing Halloween goodies fun.

I feel better that we're more on track this week.  Thank you God for all the blessings.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gorillaz and N.E.R.D!

Last night was awesome!  My great friend Meagan invited me to go see Gorillaz and N.E.R.D last night at the Frank Erwin Center.  I think this is the first time we've ever gotten to hang out just the two of us since we were 39 weeks pregnant. :)
I absolutely love Pharrell so I was almost more excited to see N.E.R.D than Gorillaz.  N.E.R.D only played for 20 min!  Most of that time was spent hearing him say, "What's up Austin?!"  Anyway Pharrell looked cute and it was fun despite the fact that they should have played for at least 30 more min.
Ok, Gorillaz.  Totally!  I've always liked their songs on the radio but I had never heard any other ones.  They are like nothing else.  I could ramble on trying to attempt to communicate how unbelievable it was but I'll just say, I've been to many concerts and this was the best one I've ever been to.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The weekly update

In one weeks time some things have already changed.

Dylan is no longer working at Target.  I'm sure you're thinking, "didn't he just start?".  Answer: Yes.  However, I was hating it and he was running himself down.  He was scheduled to work 25 hours which was a little more than we thought he would.  Basically he was working 9-5 at his regular job and then 6:30-11pm at Target.  On top of that he was working on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoon when we normally have family time.  I greatly appreciate him working his tail off but I'd rather see him at least once a day. :)

My sister and her husband are back in the states!!  Some of you may not know that my sister and her husband moved to Cork, Ireland in May.  Nick got transferred with his job there and since they are young they went for it.  However, after a fun summer in Ireland they have moved back to the Baltimore area.  I am very happy that there is only a 1 hour time changed now and we can talk on our cell phones.  Another huge bonus about them moving to Baltimore is that they are only 1 hour from my parents so we'll see them at Christmas.  They are here visiting right now and Katie is soaking Isaac up.  We get fun play by play action from her as she is shocked at what he can do now since the last time she saw him he was 9 mths old.

Finally Fall!

It feels like it's finally Fall in Central Texas.  What Fall here means, the morning starts off chilly around 50 degrees then increases quickly to around 85 and stays that way until the sun sets.  I love it but since I refuse to buy a "fall" coat the mornings can be brisk.

Last Saturday Dylan and I took Isaac to the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm.  They have a Pumpkin Festival and I was dying to get some pictures of Isaac with pumpkins, etc.  Just as a warning to new parents.  This is definitely a great place to bring your children ages 3-11.  My little guy didn't have anything to do and since it costs $7 per adult we were a little bummed.  There was face painting and painting pumpkins, pony rides, train rides and jungle gyms.  Since Isaac is too young we just followed him around as he cautiously navigated around things.  We did take the hay ride and he got to climb on some old tractors so that was fun.
Here are some pictures from the day!

Isaac found a pumpkin but then found a huge wagon!  He had to pull it!

Taking a hayride

All boy, already pretending to drive it.

Too cute!

Such a big boy standing up on the ride back

I can't stand how much he looks like a little boy here.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's been forever!

It's been too long since I've written.  We've been pretty busy with work and with fun.

Isaac tube surgery went great!  He did awesome.  The nurse said that all kids wake up from the surgery crying and it's normal but he just opened his eyes, sat up and looked around at everyone.  I love my chill kid!  We had the check up yesterday and everything is still good and for once he's been ear infection free.  His teachers at school said he talks all the time now.  He can say more, Joy (his teacher), Dada, and Bella (a girl in his class).

We've also had a blast hanging out with friends on the weekend which has also helped keep our house clean. :)  We had our friends Matt, Meagan and Livia over and cooked the pulled pork nachos and then the next weekend Dylan's co-worker Michelle and her husband Matt came over and we made homemade pizzas.

A new opportunity was given to Dylan.  In an effort to pay off some debt Dylan got a part time job at the Target just down the street.  They've been great working around his schedule.  It's been a little stressful with him gone all the time plus I know he's super tired but it's only temporary and will literally pay off in the long run.

Well, it's Austin City Limits this weekend so we're going to stay out in the suburbs to avoid the traffic and the additional 70,000 + people that have landed in Austin for the weekend.  I hope everyone has been great!