Saturday, February 26, 2011

Austin Zoo...

Today we had fun going to the Austin Zoo for Johnston's 2nd Birthday.  It was a humid day but nice.  Isaac had a ton of fun.  We actually didn't even make it to the real part of the zoo with the tigers and all the other animals.  Isaac loved feeding the goats and passed out on the drive home.  Such a fun day!

I love this one!!  They had so much chasing each other with rubber snakes.

Way more brave than this mama.

Giggling the whole time

Riding the train before going home

Friday, February 25, 2011

I won!!!

I am so excited, I won a $10 off code from  She was doing a drawing, I left a comment and was randomly chosen.  I absolutely love buying my diapers and wipes from  It is so convenient and easy.  The best way is to sign up for subscribe and save.  S&S is the option to have the item repeatedly ship either every month, 3 months or 6 mths.  When you sign up you get 30% off.  So, combining $10 off codes, S&S, choosing a box of diapers over $25 for free shipping, I normally only pay about $20 for a $40 box of diapers.  After the box of diapers arrive, you have to remember to cancel the S&S.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Outlet success!!

I am so excited because I really, really wanted to find an adorable Valentine's Day t-shirt for Isaac to wear to school on Monday for his party.  Everything is mostly for girls and not "boy" enough.  We went to the San Marcos outlets today and I found one at the baby Gap outlet.

Isn't this so cute?!!  I love the 14 on the sleeve and the fact that he can definitely wear it after V-Day.  Oh yeah, and even better, it was only $5.00.

Then we had to go to Nike.  We love buying Isaac totally hip shoes so we had to look.  Look at what we found!!!

I am so pumped!  He looks like my little hipster. 

 Holding his new shoes and smiling under his paci.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Luck Compilation...

Most of my good friends know that I love funny videos.  Hilarious videos where people fall or misjudge the length of a rope swing keep me laughing until I cry.  My brother in law showed me a couple of youtube videos that combine my favorite things.  He also showed me a luck compilation.  It's so amazing to see people dodging death in crazy ways.  I also love that they play Knocking on Heaven's door.

Here it is for you to enjoy.

Snow Day!!

Yesterday Austin was blanketed by an inch or so of snow.  Naturally everything closed.  My office was scheduled to open at 11 am but because Dylan works for emergency services he wasn't off and Isaac day care was closed, so I had to stay home.  Isaac is not a big fan of snow because of how cold and hard it is.  He did go out for about 5 min but then got some on his hand and started crying.  Overall, it was a good way to start a long weekend at home.
All bundled up!

Our driveway

Dylan showing him the snow

And he's done