Sunday, February 19, 2012

New product review

So I love to share products that I find are actually good.  Our bath towels get washed ALOT!  However, to me they always have a "wet" or even mildew-ish smell, even straight out of the dryer.  It drives me nuts and makes me self conscience when guests use them.  So I tried Downy Unstopables.  It is great!  We've used the "fresh" scent and it makes my towels smell fresh and clean.  I love using it on my sheets too because it's not too overwhelming of a smell.  I think I may buy the "lush" scent as well.  Easy to use, I don't even use a whole cap full, just a about half and you dump them on to of the dirty clothes before washing.  Also, we have an HE washer and it works.

Valentine's Day

So, I just wanted to share a pretty picture.  Dylan got me beautiful roses and chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day.  The roses are unbelievable!!  They bloomed immediately and have stayed big and open.  They look fake to me!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy New Year (even though February is almost over)

The new year has brought many changes for us.  Busy, busy, busy.  Getting back after the holidays and back in the swing of things was hard.  We've been through some fun and crazy things since the first of the year.
One super fun thing we've been doing is UT men's basketball games.  We have so much fun and since I'm a creature of habit I love knowing where we'll sit, what it will be like, and who we'll be sitting by.  Isaac had a BLAST!  Every game he kept saying how he wanted to play.  (I hope he does!)  We're definitely doing it next year.
Another big change was my job.  Kind of weird because last January I changed jobs too.  This one I'm really having to trust God.  It is a sales position with a smaller company based out of Killeen.  I'll be trying to create new commercial business in the Austin area.  I go through stages of "I can do this" to "will this actually work?"  feelings on a daily basis.  Dylan has been really supportive which helps.
Then Isaac broke me into mommyhood again.  Being a mom of a boy makes you tough in general.  Burps and poots are hilarious in my house and the pull my finger game could go on for an hour.  He's a climber and loves to jump so it's only natural that he would fracture his foot.  Oddly enough it happened when he was just running around the house.  So we had a very busy Monday after that.  His doctor, followed by x-rays, then off to the Orthopedis for a cast.  Having the cast on was far more of a pain for us.  A little hard to keep a cast on a 2 1/2 yr old's foot clean and dry.  Since he loves baths and is prone to puddle jumping we were a little stressed.  Happy to report it's finally off and we're back to "normal" life.

Totally wanted to meet them, when they got close, he locked up in shyness.

Getting the cast on