Saturday, May 21, 2011

Coupons make me happy...

I love using coupons, especially for new things I haven't tried before.  Recently I was able to try the new Suave Dry Shampoo.  It is really good!!  I think it smells great but most of all gives SO MUCH volume.  I've even been telling people, forget other volumizing products, just a spritz of this at your roots and it gives all day lift.  Here's a down side to mine, I only got to use about 2 1/2 times and when I went to use it yesterday it was completely empty.  So....I'm not sure if I'll buy it again but then I again I liked it so much that maybe this time I'll be more conscience about how much and how many times I actually use it to see it's real worth.

Last night when going to buy the potty seat at Target I went with coupons in hand.  My total was $40, then I used $4 in coupons, a $10 gift card that I got from a coupon when I filled a prescription, then I used our Target debit card saving 5% off my total.  (The Target debit drafts directly from your bank account as if you were using your own debit card except you save 5% on every purchase and then send you coupons)  I saved $15, basically getting Isaac potty seat and some fun Crayola bath crayons free.

I was also able to play "coupon fairy" face to face.  Being Friday night at Target only the really cool people were there.  A new mom and dad got behind me in line.  They had a baby carrier and 2 huge boxes of huggies and other baby stuff.  I clip all baby coupons even if we won't use them for times like this.  I was able to hand her my huggie coupons and similac coupons.  I was so happy because I remember the days of paying $25 for a can of formula, ugh.

It's Potty Time!

So, Thursday at school Isaac asked his teacher Maddie to go potty.  She took him to the bathroom, helped him get ready and he went in the potty!  We haven't even begun to potty train.  It's crazy!  I'm so proud of him though.  Last night we bought him an official potty seat, Sesame Street of course.  He went again with Dylan last night.  I definitely think it's just a small beginning, a good one though.  He has now started saying, "I pee pee" all the time.  Most of the time it's for attention and a chance to play on the potty.  He's 22 mths today and I didn't think we'd even be talking about this for a couple of more months.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I realize that this post should have come before the basket win but I was too excited about that.  Easter this year was nice.  Dylan and I both had Good Friday off which is a first for me.  We took Isaac to the Capitol of Texas Zoo.  With that title one would expect a lot more but I did know what we were in for.  It is "rustic".  It's fine for little kids and since there aren't many, you can get fairly close.  Easter Saturday we had another great time over at our friend's Jill and Joaquin's.  They are so awesome to always have us over but it is really convenient for all of us to get together with 3 boys the same age.  Easter Sunday was well, fine.  Isaac absolutely hates going to Sunday School.  The entire time we walk in from the parking lot he is saying, "no church!" over and over.  He put up a massive fight and I gave in.  We attempted to have him sit with us and that didn't work out.  We had to leave before the sermon began.  We did have a really nice Easter ham lunch at the Texan Cafe in Hutto.  I love this place because of 1. their ham and 2. their pie.  Isaac had his first key lime pie.
Smiling at a talking, dancing bird.

His expressions: priceless

Isaac and Daddy

His basket with lots of presents!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I totally won!!

Isaac's school had a fundraiser for the teachers so they could purchase the necessary items they wanted for their classrooms.  So, they wanted us to sell tickets but if you saw these baskets, you'd want to buy the tickets for yourself too.  I spent $20 for 20 tickets.  I put part of my tickets in the "gift card" basket and 5 in the UT Basket.  I won the UT Basket!!!  I'm so happy!!  It is a gorgeous basket full of wonderful UT gear that will definitely be used.
Check it out!