Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Holidays!!!

I am so excited Thanksgiving and Christmas are here already.  This year for Thanksgiving we kept it simple.  My brother came to stay with us and we all went to Cracker Barrel for lunch.  It was so cheap!!!  All 4 of us ate for $27 plus tip and it was good!  When Thanksgiving comes that means Black Friday. I love the excitement of deals and midnight shopping.  This year I took a 3 hour nap got up and out the door at 10:45pm.  My first stop was Walmart.  I knew it would be crazy but underestimated the economy and it's influence on deal shopping.  Everything I wanted from Walmart was sold out.  I was however able to call my good friend Kristen because she was at another Walmart.  She was able to pick up a few things I wanted to buy for Isaac there and I was so thankful.  I headed over to check out Target and possibly get in line.  The lines was so long that based on Walmart, I knew it wasn't probably worth it to attempt to get the few things I wanted.  Friday late morning I ventured out alone and I feel like I did really good.
I found this at Ross for $12.99!!  So many things inside!!  Isaac will love this.

Finally bought one of these!!  I've been wanting one for years and I loved putting everything into it.
My front door.  This is the first wreath I've ever made and it was really fun.  I'd love to make more but don't want to spend the money and I don't really have any place for another one.

The closest thing I have to a mantel.  I added mesh to my garland and I got the two white/red trees at Hobby Lobby for  less than $10 for both.
Our tree.  Dylan and I have had this tree with ornaments and lights for 6 Christmas' and we got it from Big Lots.  

Back again...

It's been months since I blogged and it's mostly because I didn't know what I wanted to continue my blog like.  I didn't want to blog about my family much anymore but didn't know how to share without over sharing.  Things have been fun and busy!!  Basically, September and October were a blur.  I've been anxiously awaiting the holidays and I'm so happy they are here.
In November, my friend Jill and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Kristen.  Thanks to pintrest we had many super cute ideas for it.  We chose the theme milk and cookies and since she is expecting her second boy we called it a "sprinkle".  Here are some pictures from it.
The set up was inspired by many different ideas.  Keeping it clean and simple but pretty were our goals.

Favor bags - guest filled their bags with cookies made by Jill and myself

Cupcakes with adorable toppers from Etsy.  Glasses for milk shots and milk bottles with custom straws for milk.

Cookie jars and cookie dough dip

Thursday, August 11, 2011

More wig party pictures!

I forgot to add these fabulous pictures!  I absolutely love them both.  I know in 50 years I'll look back and remember how much fun we had.

My 31st Birthday Wig Party!!!!!

This past weekend was the best birthday party I've ever had.  I had a wig party!!  When I saw this most people don't really know what I'm talking about and neither did I before I saw a groupon.  Coco Coquette is a fabulous wig shop and vintage shop in Austin.  Me and 6 of my friends went to Coco Coquette Saturday night and had a glamourous time.  First we were all given 3 choices of wigs, trying different colors and styles.  After choosing the perfect one, we were seated and had fabulous makeup and fake eye lashes put on.  I was so in love with my lashes and I'm happy I can wear them again.  The party was BYOB and snacks.  We had an awesome selection of snacks and drinks.  After everyone had their wigs and make up done, we got fun pictures taken.  We got individual pictures and group pictures.  More pictures will be posted later but here are some fun ones for now.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Isaac on the airplane flying with Dylan to MS.  He couldn't have been more excited!  I don't currently have pictures to upload from the MS but I'll post when I can.

Happy 2nd Birthday!  Katie made a bunch of banners and they looked awesome!!

Party favor cookies.  I loved how we used the leftover banner paper to add to the favors.

The cupcake toppers are edible but didn't taste great.  However, they looked great and that's what really matters, right.

Pizza time with friends

Ready to blow out his candle and dig in!

Instead of gifts I just asked everyone to bring a book for exchange.  Isaac doesn't need more toys so everyone traded and got a new book.  They were all so happy.

I'm baaack!

It's been almost a month since I last posted but it's been the busiest month we've ever had!  My parents visited until July 9 and then Monday July 11, Dylan and Isaac left for a week in MS.  I joined them for the last 3 days and everyone had a great time.  Then we got back on the 17th and on the 20th my sister Katie flew in as a surprise for Isaac's birthday.  It was a huge surprise!  She stayed for 6 days and it was so fun.  She was a huge help for Isaac's party too and it was a great party.  Now it's already July 31st and it's my 31st birthday.  So much excitement in one month!  I'll post some pictures from everything.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July weekend!

We've had a great weekend!  Friday my office closed at 2pm which was awesome because it makes it really feel like an extra day.  Saturday we had a big party with our friends.  Dylan smoked some pulled pork and we made pulled pork nachos and sandwiches.  The kids had an awesome time playing and eating.  The night ended with some sleepy boys watching Rio.  So far the best party we've ever had.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Little Tikes rules!

For Isaac's birthday his Great Grandma and his Grandma and Grandpa bought him a Little Tykes climber!  Tonight Dylan and my dad sweated it out in the heat to put it together.  It didn't take too long and wasn't hard to put together.  It was Isaac's bedtime by the time it was finished and he had already had a bath and was in his pj's but we let him loose on it.  He is in love with it!!!  It was pretty hard to get him to bed but he's so happy it's going to always be in his backyard to play on.
Putting it together.
Looking for birds
He went down the slide about 30 times in 5 minutes.  He loved it!

I recommend this climber and we've only had it one day.  It looks better in person and there are lots of fun things about it.  Not to mention, it's on sale right now at Toys R Us. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Prepping for birthday #2....

Yesterday was a big progress day as far as Isaac's 2nd birthday goes.  We received our family pictures in the mail and I was able to scan the picture I wanted to use for his invitation.  I use shutterfly most of the time because they are great.  
This is the design I chose.

Then I ordered the cupcake toppers for the party.  I chose the design of the #2 on this page and his name will be written across the number.  Super cute!!!

I'm really excited for his party.  It's going to be very relaxed and less stressful than his 1st birthday.  (No shrimp cocktail this year, I was crazy right?!)  Just pizza and cupcakes!

Buzz Lightyear....

Yesterday was a big shift in my world.  Isaac asked for and got his first real toy.  A Buzz Lightyear.  We've been watching all of the Toy Story movies for a couple of months now and he loves Buzz and Woody.  We found a Buzz at Target and he is so happy.  The shift for me is from baby to little boy.  He sees the toy as a friend, not a thing.  He carries it everywhere.  Even laying down for bedtime is a struggle because he doesn't want to let him go.  He shares his snacks with him and talks to him.  Let the imagination play begin!  I'm excited to see how he'll grow and the things he continue to love but it's a little sad to think he's past most of the baby phase.  As he says, he'll be "2!" soon.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Family photos!!

We had family pictures taken at the end of April.  They turned out great!  Here are a few.

More documentaries....

So, I'm still watching documentaries.  We've actually also started watching the second season of Treme which we LOVE.  Since we lived through Hurricane Katrina and several months of clean up we really feel for this show and how it shows New Orleans.  Definitely recommend.  However, it's HBO so don't say I didn't warn you.  Nudity, drinkin' and cussin'.
I haven't watched too many more documentaries but I did watch The September Issue.  I love fashion and Vogue so me watching this was meant to be.  Anna Wintour gets a bad rap but I felt she was just doing her job.  She's good at it and I respect her decisions.  I think sometimes if a women can just be a sharp business women, she's heartless.  I felt that she took the emotion out of business and that was good.  I was dying though at her lifestyle.  Just jealous to be the first to see and touch fashion.  Amazing.
The other documentary I saw could not have been more opposite.  The Wild Whites of West Virginia.  I mean, they are the craziest, white trash people I've ever seen.  Kind of the same sickness as looking at a car crash, that's what this was like.  Uneducated, drugged up criminals that keep reproducing.  I was shocked sometimes and then sad sometimes.  I wanted to just go there and pick up their kids and say, "this isn't normal, you shouldn't be around this".  I had to remind myself, they aren't the only family like this.  The mayor of the town they lived in said it best.  They (the town) have a kid from the back woods off WV that got into MIT, a camera crew should be following him, not these people.
I will continue to try and catch more documentaries.  I love it!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Since all of my regular TV shows have ended for the summer, I have started a fun obsession with documentaries.  Thanks to Netflix online, I have a huge variety to choose from.
Here is my current watched list:
Born Rich - Documentary by Jamie Johnson, member of the Johnson and Johnson family.  Jamie Johnson interviews other children that are born into money.  It's really interesting to hear them talk about money, because they were always told never too.
God Grew Tired of Us - Documentary on the lost boys of Sudan.  It is kind of hard to watch because it tells the horrible stories of the genocide of their family, their 1000 mile walk to refugee camps where so many little boys died, and then the fresh beginning few are given in America.  It's cute to see them adjust to our customs, like putting garbage in a can rather than throwing it out the window. :)
Anvil - Follows an 80's metal band that has never broken up and are still chasing their big break.  Kind of sad to see 50 year olds chasing a record contract but keeps you rooting for them to make it big.
Freakonomics - Documentary on the best selling book.  I really liked it because it explains things in ways I understand quickly.  Subjects like cheating, what a name means and cause and effects.
Babies - This wasn't exactly what I thought it would be but very cute and interesting.  Like a Chinese farmer has a baby, they bundle it up with blankets using ropes, she gets on the back of a motorcycle holding the baby in her arms and heads home.
I feel like I've watched a few more but I'll be watching a lot more so I'm sure I'll be blogging again about it.

Less and less..

I've been so busy lately that my blogging has been more and more spread out.  This weekend was the hottest so far this summer and I know it's not the last.  Dylan and Isaac have been hitting up the pool everyday and we got a new sprinkler for Isaac this weekend.  He loves playing with water!
Today after church we went by the outlets in Round Rock to get Isaac and myself some new sneakers.  It has been over 5 years since I got some new ones and I found some super cute ones.

We also got Isaac some new ones because he's growing so fast and needed some new ones.  He loves them because they have yellow on them.
It was super cute, he was saying "cheese" while I took this picture. :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Coupons make me happy...

I love using coupons, especially for new things I haven't tried before.  Recently I was able to try the new Suave Dry Shampoo.  It is really good!!  I think it smells great but most of all gives SO MUCH volume.  I've even been telling people, forget other volumizing products, just a spritz of this at your roots and it gives all day lift.  Here's a down side to mine, I only got to use about 2 1/2 times and when I went to use it yesterday it was completely empty.  So....I'm not sure if I'll buy it again but then I again I liked it so much that maybe this time I'll be more conscience about how much and how many times I actually use it to see it's real worth.

Last night when going to buy the potty seat at Target I went with coupons in hand.  My total was $40, then I used $4 in coupons, a $10 gift card that I got from a coupon when I filled a prescription, then I used our Target debit card saving 5% off my total.  (The Target debit drafts directly from your bank account as if you were using your own debit card except you save 5% on every purchase and then send you coupons)  I saved $15, basically getting Isaac potty seat and some fun Crayola bath crayons free.

I was also able to play "coupon fairy" face to face.  Being Friday night at Target only the really cool people were there.  A new mom and dad got behind me in line.  They had a baby carrier and 2 huge boxes of huggies and other baby stuff.  I clip all baby coupons even if we won't use them for times like this.  I was able to hand her my huggie coupons and similac coupons.  I was so happy because I remember the days of paying $25 for a can of formula, ugh.

It's Potty Time!

So, Thursday at school Isaac asked his teacher Maddie to go potty.  She took him to the bathroom, helped him get ready and he went in the potty!  We haven't even begun to potty train.  It's crazy!  I'm so proud of him though.  Last night we bought him an official potty seat, Sesame Street of course.  He went again with Dylan last night.  I definitely think it's just a small beginning, a good one though.  He has now started saying, "I pee pee" all the time.  Most of the time it's for attention and a chance to play on the potty.  He's 22 mths today and I didn't think we'd even be talking about this for a couple of more months.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I realize that this post should have come before the basket win but I was too excited about that.  Easter this year was nice.  Dylan and I both had Good Friday off which is a first for me.  We took Isaac to the Capitol of Texas Zoo.  With that title one would expect a lot more but I did know what we were in for.  It is "rustic".  It's fine for little kids and since there aren't many, you can get fairly close.  Easter Saturday we had another great time over at our friend's Jill and Joaquin's.  They are so awesome to always have us over but it is really convenient for all of us to get together with 3 boys the same age.  Easter Sunday was well, fine.  Isaac absolutely hates going to Sunday School.  The entire time we walk in from the parking lot he is saying, "no church!" over and over.  He put up a massive fight and I gave in.  We attempted to have him sit with us and that didn't work out.  We had to leave before the sermon began.  We did have a really nice Easter ham lunch at the Texan Cafe in Hutto.  I love this place because of 1. their ham and 2. their pie.  Isaac had his first key lime pie.
Smiling at a talking, dancing bird.

His expressions: priceless

Isaac and Daddy

His basket with lots of presents!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I totally won!!

Isaac's school had a fundraiser for the teachers so they could purchase the necessary items they wanted for their classrooms.  So, they wanted us to sell tickets but if you saw these baskets, you'd want to buy the tickets for yourself too.  I spent $20 for 20 tickets.  I put part of my tickets in the "gift card" basket and 5 in the UT Basket.  I won the UT Basket!!!  I'm so happy!!  It is a gorgeous basket full of wonderful UT gear that will definitely be used.
Check it out!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spontaneous Egg Hunt!!

Saturday I received a text from my friend Jill saying, "want to have an easter egg hunt tonight?"  YES!  We desperately needed to get out of the house and spontaneous events are way more fun than planned one.  I ran to Target, bought eggs and jelly beans.  We headed over with our basket and eggs.  Jill, Kristen and I placed the eggs outside and the boys "hunted" them.  Isaac quickly realized that the eggs had candy in them.  He began cracking them open with his teeth, like someone would crack a nut.  It was so funny!  We all had fun and kept the boys up late while we, the parents, had a great time together.  Can't wait until our next spontaneous event.  Check out these cute pictures!!
Hunting eggs!

Oh there's candy!

Eating jelly beans 
Riding Eli's train

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Um, so I bought another deal...

So, I joke with my great friend Kristen but it's no joke.  I'm a total deal addict.  I get about 10 emails like groupon and check other sites too.  My closest friends know I have a running list in my head of things I want to buy.  If I see a deal for it, I must buy, right?
Today on Plum District, I saw a perfect deal for Isaac's 2nd birthday party.  Yes, I love planning parties and I start a year in advance.  I'm all about cupcakes and today was for toppers, edible ones!!  Being almost all 2 years old, I can't really say, "here's a cupcake but don't eat the topper". Check this website out!
I'm really liking these right now but I'll probably do custom ones.